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DISH Network L.L.C. v. TV Net Solutions, LLC and Mohammad Mustafa

TV Net Solutions, LLC and its owner Mohammad Mustafa, a retailer of an Arabic language IPTV box, was ordered by a federal court in Florida on June 4, 2014 to cease sales of the TV Net Solutions IPTV service and agreed to pay $5,000,000 in settlement and was ordered to cease violating the copyrights in over 20 Arabic language channels.

Agreed Permanent Injuncation Against TV Net Solutions and Mohammad Musafa

Order Granting Motion for Judgment – Global Satellit IP TV Scandinavian AB and Basem Halabi

Al Jazeera Media Network, Asia TV USA Ltd., B4U U.S., Inc., GEO USA LLC, Impress Telefilm, Inc., MBC FZ LLC, MSM Asia Ltd., Soundview Broadcasting LLC, Soundview ATN LLC, Star India Private Ltd., Viacom18 Media Private Limited, and DISH Network L.L.C. v. Shava IPTV Network LLC, Nadeem Butt, Imran Butt, and Naeem Butt

On January 24, 2017, a federal court in Virginia ordered Naeem Butt and Imran Butt, providers and retailers of the Shava (South Asian) and Cres (Arabic) IPTV boxes, to pay $25,650,000 for violating the plaintiffs’ copyrights aired on channels including Sony Entertainment, Star Plus, Aapka Colors, Zee TV, ARY Digital, B4U, Geo TV, Channel-I, ATN Bangla, MBC, Al Jazeera, Iqraa and Murr TV. Retailers Nadeem Butt and Shava IPTV Network LLC previously consented to judgment against them for $125,000. The court order is being enforced against the Shava defendants and retailers who continue to sell Shava and Cres IPTV boxes.

Judgment Against Irman Butt and Naeem Butt

Permanent Injunction Against Nadeem Butt and Shava IPTV Network

China Central Television et al. v. Create New Technology (HK) Limited et al.

Chinese broadcasters CCTV and TVB along with DISH Network filed suit against the manufacturers of the TVpad IPTV box and several TVpad retailers. On April 4, 2016, the United States Court for the Central District of California enjoined two manufacturers from continuing to sell the TVpad or any other device that provides the plaintiffs’ copyrighted video content. The court also awarded over $55,000,000 in damages against these manufacturers.
Asha Media Group Inc. d/b/a TVpad.com, a TVpad retailer, was ordered by a federal court in California on November 16, 2016 to pay $9,154,811.
Other retailers in the TVpad lawsuit settled for significant sums:

  • Texas based retailers NewTVpad Ltd. Co and Liangzhong Zhou ($750,000)
  • California based retailer Honghui Chen d/b/a e-Digital ($1,250,000)
  • California based retailers Club TVpad and Bennett Wong ($1,500,000)

Another TVpad retailer, Amit Bhalla, was forced to file for bankruptcy because of the risk of liability in the lawsuit. Mr. Bhalla is currently facing the possibility that his liability will not be discharged in the bankruptcy, and if so, he may be personally liable for several million dollars.

Amended Order for Judgment – Create New Technology (HK) Limited and HUA Yang International Technology Ltd.

Consent Judgment and Permanent Injunction – Bennett Wong and Club TVpad

Consent Judgment and Permanent Injunction – Hugo Chen

Consent Judgment and Permanent Injunction – newTVpad and Liangzhong Zhou

Default Judgment and Injunction – Asha Media Group