Al Jazeera Media Network, Asia TV USA Ltd., B4U U.S., Inc., GEO USA LLC, Impress Telefilm, Inc., MBC FZ LLC, MSM Asia Ltd., Soundview Broadcasting LLC, Soundview ATN LLC, Star India Private Ltd., Viacom18 Media Private Limited, and DISH Network L.L.C. v. Shava IPTV Network LLC, Nadeem Butt, Imran Butt, and Naeem Butt

On January 24, 2017, a federal court in Virginia ordered Naeem Butt and Imran Butt, providers and retailers of the Shava (South Asian) and Cres (Arabic) IPTV boxes, to pay $25,650,000 for violating the plaintiffs’ copyrights aired on channels including Sony Entertainment, Star Plus, Aapka Colors, Zee TV, ARY Digital, B4U, Geo TV, Channel-I, ATN Bangla, MBC, Al Jazeera, Iqraa and Murr TV. Retailers Nadeem Butt and Shava IPTV Network LLC previously consented to judgment against them for $125,000. The court order is being enforced against the Shava defendants and retailers who continue to sell Shava and Cres IPTV boxes.

Judgment Against Irman Butt and Naeem Butt

Permanent Injunction Against Nadeem Butt and Shava IPTV Network