IBCAP Member Lawsuits Against IPTV Services

  • IBCAP members are becoming increasingly active in protecting their copyrights and are filing lawsuits against unauthorized IPTV services and retailers selling those services
  • Since 2014, IBCAP members have obtained judgments or settlements against IPTV box manufacturers, providers, and retailers in excess of $100 Million
  • Unauthorized IPTV providers and their retailers and internet providers have been ordered to cease promoting, selling, distributing, or supporting IPTV services found to infringe copyrights
  • ISP’s, CDN’s, and domain name providers have complied with court orders and unauthorized IPTV services have been disrupted or shut down entirely
    Retailers who continue selling IPTV boxes that provide unauthorized content may be found in contempt of court
  • Retailers who sell IPTV boxes that provide unauthorized content are being held liable for significant damages